How does a small machine shop grow to a 70,000-square-foot facility, thriving during world wars, shaky economies, fierce competition, and ever-increasing customer demand? With dedication, intelligence, and guts.

For 100 years, Bedford Paper has not only provided world-class converted products, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of customers in the foodservice, away-from-home, medical, and retail markets.

Our production facility provides the capabilities to offer an outsourcing option for product conversion. Relying on the tradition of engineering versatility, our equipment is highly configurable, meeting the demands of nearly any converting client. Flexible and capable in-house machinery—run by experienced, passionate pros—produces some of the world’s finest laminated, folded, rewound, and packaged products.

We run products for some of the country’s largest paper companies, and we ship customer direct. For jumbo bath tissue, hardwounds, centerpulls, wipers, table top items, among many others, count on Bedford Paper.